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Chapter 2 - Youtube Hell

Anthony’s breathing quickened as he spoke to Ian about how they would tell all their smosh fans about what had happened between them. They agreed Smoshers deserved the truth. Ian cradled the shaking Anthony in his arms as they thought about the haters. There were so many homophobic users on the internet, their lives would be crushed. Anthony felt a fat salty tear roll down his flustered face. Ian caught it on the end of his finger and whispered to Anthony softly,                                                                                         “Don’t worry love, everything will be fine, you will see.”                                                Anthony had heard this phrase many times before but coming from Ian’s tender, juicy lips, it sounded real and gave Anthony hope. 

The camera was set. Ian and Anthony were sat in front of it, waiting to start recording. Under the table, Ian gave Anthony’s hand a squeeze then the video started.                 “Hello, welcome to this weeks episode of Ian is bored. This is unlike any other Ian is bored we have done before. Instead of a normal episode, we are going to make an announcement.”                                                                                                              Ian felt Anthony’s sweaty hand tighter against his.                                                           “Myself and Anthony have realised, we are more than friends! We were meant to be together! And we don’t care about all you haters who will give us so much crap for this, hater gonna hate!”                                                                                                        Anthony looked at Ian for reassurance and found himself kissing the perfect lips. They held each other for comfort, the kiss so passionate, sparks flew. Their hearts opened up and love spilled out.

5 hours later and the video was about to be uploaded. Anthony sat at his mac and pressed the upload button. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Ian was stood behind him. Ian spun the chair round so Anthony was facing him. They were both naked again, why wear clothes if your just going to be ripping them off each other all the time? Ian spun round and sat on Anthony’s stiffened organ. It slid inside the hole and Ian rocked up an down on Anthony’s lap. Suddenly all the doubt, all the second thoughts about this relationship were gone. They were meant to be together.

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